R.D.H Consultants, Inc. (RDH), was founded by Robert D. Henderson, P.E. in 1986 as an Electrical Engineering Consulting Firm located in Charlotte, NC.  RDH is currently authorized to practice engineering in Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina. While RDH was originally established to provide services to major industrial manufacturers, RDH has continually evolved to include forensics, electrical studies, and mission critical applications.  As markets change, we are ready to accommodate those changes.  Since 1998, RDH has been blessed to work with a major utility, particularly in their Mission Critical facilities. We are always looking for new markets to which we provide a good fit. RDH has various project delivery methods: Design - bid - build; design - build; and direct consulting.  We can work directly with the client or the contractor, or work directly with other engineers and architects.  We continue to develop partnerships with trusted engineers, designers, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, and owners.  We also continue to look at other project delivery methods that benefit the client. We provide selective device coordination studies, short circuit studies, arc flash studies, harmonics studies, other analysis methods, power engineering, equipment layouts, lighting design, communications, controls and instrumentation, control logic, process and instrument diagrams (P&ID’s), process flow diagrams (PFD’s). loop sheets, digital I/O drawings, elementary drawings, PLC panels layouts and design, digital control systems (DCS), feasibility studies, fire detection, project engineering, project planning, code review, panel fabrication drawings, medium voltage distribution, low voltage distribution, internal plant unit substations, lightning protection, grounding, variable speed drives, dc drives, inverter drives, isolation transformers, active filters, passive filters, reactors, dc battery systems, sizing generators, design generation systems, automatic transfer switches (ATS), transfer pairs, soft loading, soft unloading, reverse power relays, anti-motoring relays, feeder protection relays, transformer protection relays, generator protection relays, equipment specifications, switchgear layout, and other engineering functions. R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. 222 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 505 Charlotte, NC 28273 (704)-588-6538 rdheng@rdhconsultants.com Committed To Excellence In A Changing Environment Since 1986 ©