Robert Henderson started RDH in 1986 primarily to serve major industrial manufacturers.  Initial projects were in Electrical Power Distribution, Electrical Controls, Electrical Instrumentation, Electronic Devices, and identifying and finding solutions for electrical problems.  Additionally, RDH worked with a well known manufacturer of utility equipment for the design of 180kV Automatic transfer switch and for the design of a 150mW diesel powered generation station and transmission system in Venezuela.  RDH also worked with  other corporations providing machine design, process controls, instrumentation, and power distribution.  Since part of Robert’s experience as a Senior Staff Engineer was resolving problems for plants in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, outage investigate became one of our strengths.  The outage investigation experience led to RDH working with insurance companies and forensics. RDH has also provided electrical studies for national and international Engineering Corporations.  RDH has served as project manager to coordinate between a major man-made fiber manufacturer building a plant in Singapore.  This required coordinating with US engineers, Singapore engineers, and the Client.  We also served as the Client’s project manager for the construction of their home office and pilot plant in Charlotte, NC.  RDH has also been involved in electrical problem resolution ranging from medium/low voltage power distribution, generator regulators, voltage regulators, capacitor banks, harmonic resonance, protective device selective coordination, fault currents, arc flash, grounding, overheating electronics, incorrectly sized surge arresters, incorrect control algorithms, programming bugs, drive applications, mechanical problems with the bearings and raceways of steam powered turbines, and brush wear of permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motors. Robert Henderson’s experience in industry includes serving as: Design Engineer; Project Engineer; Project Manager; Project Management Group Leader; Process Controls; Robotics, and Automation Group Leader; Senior Staff Electrical Engineer; and Supervisory Lead Electrical Engineer for major national and international Corporations.  This experience provided Robert with a background not only in Engineering and Project Management, but also allowed him to interface with all facets of corporate life to include: presentation of project objectives, scopes, estimates, schedules and justifications to senior management; coordination with Product Directors and Marketing for the timely provision of manufacturing resources as fashions and markets changed; coordination with Research and Development to bring products and custom designed machinery into the manufacturing environment; coordination with Utilities for power sources and improving power reliability; working with Plant Departments to establish engineering, maintenance, installation, and testing standards; and working for a Major Engineering Corporation to interface with the clients and bring the projects to completion including start-up and turnover of the products to manufacturing as Q1.  These projects included: automating an annealing oven that held two aluminum loaded rail cars; the installation of an electric arc furnace for an Aluminum ingot plant; and the installation of medium voltage power distribution, controls, for a 2500hp. d.c. Mill and 400hp d.c. Screwdown Drives, and instrumentation and controls for the largest rolling mill in the world. RDH does not engineer just to meet the requirements of getting it built, but places a high level of importance on efficiency of the equipment, proper sizing and application of that equipment so that it operates optimally and is easily maintained.  We make sure that it fits in the space provided and that it can be removed and maintained when required.  To do this, RDH meets with the Client to understand any existing problems and their ideas of how the process works so that methods for improvement can be identified. This exercise insures that everyone has the same objectives. Meet The Leadership of R.D.H Consultants, Inc. R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. 222 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 505 Charlotte, NC 28273 (704)-588-6538 Committed To Excellence In A Changing Environment Since 1986 ©