Robert Henderson started RDH primarily to serve major industrial manufacturers.  Initial projects were in Electrical Power Distribution, Electrical Controls, Electrical Instrumentation, Electronic Devices, and identifying and finding solutions for electrical problems.  RDH worked with a manufacturer of utility equipment to design a 180kV automatic transfer switch and design of a 150mW diesel powered generation station and transmission system in Venezuela.  RDH has experience providing machine design, process controls, instrumentation, power distribution, HVAC Engineering, and plumbing services.  An outage investigation led to RDH working with insurance companies and forensics. RDH has provided electrical studies for national and international corporations.  RDH served as a project manager for a major man-made fiber manufacturer building a plant in Singapore.  This project required coordinating with US engineers, Singapore engineers, and the manufacturer.  We also served as the Client’s project manager for the construction of their home office and pilot plant in Charlotte, NC.   RDH has demonstrated that we have the experience and knowledge to solve complicated engineering problems. In 2002, Joshua Henderson  joined RDH as an electrical designer upon graduation from Clemson University. Joshua has gained extensive experience in engineering and is currently the President/Senior Engineer of RDH continuing the family business. RDH does not engineer just to meet the requirements of getting it built, but places a high level of importance on efficiency of the equipment, proper sizing and application of that equipment so that it operates optimally and is easily maintained.  RDH places emphasis on a collaborative environment and client satisfaction.  We meet with the Client to understand their goals along with determining how the client’s building operates so that methods for improvement can be identified. This exercise insures that everyone has the same objectives.
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