Project Engineering/Management Project Management is a very generic term and while many hold this title, it doesn’t always mean the same.  For example, the project manager for an AE firm typically is charged by his firm with coordinating with the client for engineering services, keeping the design services on schedule and on budget, making sure the project is properly staffed, maintain all documentation as relates to the design phase and if required, and maintaining the construction administration documentation.  The project manager for the General Contractor has similar functions but serves the purpose of the General Contractor and acts as the traffic cop for all the sub- contractors.  The project manager for each Sub-Contractor  serves a similar function for the sub-contractor, etc.  There are project managers in many other industries such as web site development, book publishing, software development.  or any other function that requires some form of coordination of costs and schedule.  In addition, the client usually has a project manager whose function is to make sure the engineering and construction are performing on budget and schedule and coordinating with his personnel as well. Having the title of “Project Manager” does not make that person capable of providing those services to any industry.  The best project managers are those that have a familiarity with the requirements for that particular project management job.  Those that don’t will get into trouble quickly.  We believe that the best method of project delivery is obtained first, by establishing a trusting atmosphere with all parties and to truly work together as a team.  Second, by admitting mistakes and moving on as a team to resolve the problem.  Third, by establishing an attitude among all of our respective employees, that they are important and that their contributions to each project are valuable and appreciated.  Fourth, by trying to understand each other’s problems and determine what we can do to help mitigate the problem.  Finally, work together to avoid adversarial relationships because when finger pointing starts, the project degrades delaying the schedule and increasing costs. R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. 222 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 505 Charlotte, NC 28273 (704)-588-6538 Committed To Excellence In A Changing Environment Since 1986 ©