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R.D.H. Consultants, Inc.  222 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 505 Charlotte, NC 28273  704-588-6538
Project Engineering/Management
         Electrical Engineering
R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. has experience with coordinating the design function, as well as, representing the client and the client’s employees.
R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. has experience in electrical outage and accident investigation. Our focus is to provide a thorough  investigation and confirm the findings as fact.                                              
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              MEP Engineering
R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. works with the Client, Architects, other Engineering Disciplines, Vendors, other Consultants, and Contractors to provide the total project package.  We have and continue to develop relationships with other trusted consultants who all have the same goals for providing the client with quality work, not only in the initial construction, but also for maintainability and reliability.
R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. has been practicing electrical engineering for over 32 years.  With extensive experience in heavy industry, and a thorough attention to detail, R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. develops designs to fit your needs and ensure your satisfaction.
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Having worked for major textile, fiber, and chemical manufacturers, RDH is equipped to serve as a problem solver, as your design engineer, project engineer, project manager, and consulting staff engineer.  
R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. performs many different types of reports, studies, and presentations.  We take the time to tailor our studies to meet your requirements.
Consulting Services
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Forensic Engineering
Committed To Excellence In A Changing Environment Since 1986
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