Studies R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. has the ability to perform different types of reports, studies, and presentations that are tailored to our client’s needs.  In heavy industrial applications where 24/7 operation is necessary and any outage causes significant product loss, it is necessary to have and update electrical studies of that facility.  These studies should, at a minimum, consist of fault current calculations, selective device coordination, circuit breaker/relay testing and maintenance, ground testing, and more recently, arc flash studies.  In addition, when a facility’s non-linear loads (electronic power supplies, drives, battery chargers, computers, and other electronic equipment) becomes significant, it is wise to implement harmonics studies to identify any effects that the harmonics have on the power distribution system and to mitigate those harmonics either by active or passive filters, isolation transformers, or other recommended means.  In plants where electric power is generated, it is also necessary to look at the transient stability of the power distribution system.  Other studies might be motor starting, identifying noise sources that may affect other loads, and load dedication (i.e., making sure that the power source for both the load and controls are fed from the same source). RDH has been performing studies since 1974 and as a result of this longevity, has technical information for equipment whose manufacturers went out of business long ago.  We have been using SKM Software’s Power Tools for Windows since 1999 for most of these studies, so we know where the problems are in the software.  We also periodically hand check the calculations to ensure that the computer generated results are reasonable. R.D.H. Consultants, Inc. 222 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 505 Charlotte, NC 28273 (704)-588-6538 Committed To Excellence In A Changing Environment Since 1986 ©